My name is Martin Källström and is my online portfolio. I'm a freelancing graphics and web designer, born in Sweden but currently living in Tokyo. I make my living by fulfilling peoples' needs of communication, on the Internet and otherwise. If you want to communicate your ideas, brand or services to the world, I'm here to help.

To reach me, send an e-mail to

My five years on a Master in Computer Science as well as personal interests and not least extensive work experience have brought me a firm education in a wide range of areas:

Services is my portfolio and here you'll find a few examples of what I have achieve before. These are some of the services I have to offer:

I've also done a couple of gigs as a writer for the leading magazine Computer Sweden, covering events in Japan.

My standard rate for any service is $55/hour, but this is of course negotiable. I work fast and achieve high quality results, while allowing you full insight and control through the entire project. You might find cheaper designers, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. Contact me to receive a cost estimate on your specific project.

Legal stuff
All content on this web site is either copyrighted to me, Martin Källström, or to respective contractor, in which case I have reserved the right to use the material for self promotion. Photographs and images are either created by Martin Källström or rightfully licensed from the copyright owner. In no case may they be used in any other context not acknowledged and approved by Martin Källström.

A side note on the portfolio
Before just recently moving to Tokyo, I had a long-term contract as a web programmer with one of the mayor consultant companies in Sweden, Framfab. Because of this, the websites on display in my portfolio are the result of contracts I finalized well over a year ago. The Internet is a fast paced world, and since then the online version of some of them have either deteriorated or been replaced by other peoples' work. I apologize if my original designs in some cases are unavailable for browsing online. On request, I can easily provide you with browsable versions of the original designs as well as get you in touch with the companies I created them for.